Innerwear Hygiene Tips for Men

It’s all well and good to talk about innerwear hygiene – but when it comes down to it, what does it really mean? Is it as simple as wearing a new set of innerwear each day, or is there more to it than just that?

If you’re wondering about innerwear hygiene tips you can follow to ensure you’re as fresh and healthy as possible, you’re in the right place. Here’s a couple of things to be careful of in your daily life when it comes to your innerwear:

Know What You’re Wearing Briefs - Boxers , Boxer shorts for men

When you’re shopping for innerwear, know what you’re looking for. While briefs, trunks, mens boxer, and mens boxer shorts all fit under the umbrella of innerwear, they’re definitely not all the same thing.

Understanding what you’re buying will go a long way to ensuring you have healthy innerwear habits. Many people dislike changing their innerwear style once they’ve found something they’re comfortable with, and being aware of what you’re wearing will ensure that this is never an issue for you. Always look out for cool boxer shorts.

Change Daily So, here’s the thing.

We fully acknowledge that some people may choose to skip out on a shower once in a while, especially if it’s a cool day and you haven’t been to the gym or gone to work out the previous day. While frequently skipping your shower isn’t hygienic, once in a while is okay.

However, this shouldn’t extend to other parts of your hygiene, including your innerwear hygiene.

Even if you haven’t had a shower, changing your innerwear is a must. Even clear innerwear can contain as much as 10,000 bacteria – and we’re talking about pieces that are right out of the wash. This amount only multiples when it comes to dirty innerwear, and that’s without going into the other issues, such as bad smells, contamination by body fluids, and more.

Change When You Sweat So, you need to change your innerwear daily – but does this mean you can wear the same pair all day?

The answer to this is that it depends.

If you’ve just been to the gym or been outside during a hot summer day, it’s best to change your innerwear as soon as you return home. The same holds true for any situation in which you sweat a lot.

Ideally, you should also have a bath, though this may not always be possible. However, changing your innerwear is something that you can do. Perspiration increases bacteria and other microbial growth in your innerwear. More than that, it can lead to skin issues such as rashes, irritation, and even infection, which should be avoided as much as possible. This is especially important when you decide to buy boxers for men

Choose the Right Material - The best choice is Cotton boxers for men

Unless you’re looking for short-wear innerwear (that you’ll only wear for a few hours at a time), it’s essential to choose pieces that are made of comfortable fabrics like cotton. If you’re engaging in strenuous physical activity, you should also consider looking for moisture-wicking fabrics, such as cotton boxer and bamboo.

Another consideration to keep in mind when looking at innerwear fabric is to look for pieces that have been treated to be antimicrobial, antifungal, and antifungal. This will ensure that you’ll stay protected for as long as possible and will come in especially handy if you’re in a situation in which you cannot change your innerwear, such as long flights.

Avoid Tight Innerwear

When choosing innerwear, it’s usually best to opt for the Mens boxer and boxer shorts. If necessary, you can also consider trunks, but briefs should be avoided as much as possible.

The issue is not with the briefs themselves – it’s with the way they fit your body. Briefs are extremely tight around your body and will leave you feeling hot and uncomfortable. More than that, one study found that wearing boxer shorts or even sleeping naked resulted in significantly less sperm damage in men as compared to sleeping in briefs.

This is also part of the reason why it’s always advised that you choose a pair of mens boxers that fit you well and allow for as much air circulation as possible. Innerwear is the one place you shouldn’t try to fit into a size smaller – instead, always be aware of your latest measurements and choose a piece that will allow your lower body (and yourself!) to breathe.

When buying cotton boxer shorts, it’s always best to buy the highest-quality pieces possible. Remember, these pieces are going to be directly in contact with your lower body for much of the day, and the last thing you want is poor-quality fabric that will cause chafing.

Furthermore, as mentioned, keep an eye out for pieces that are treated to be antimicrobial and as hygienic as possible. If you’re looking to buy cotton boxer shorts online or are looking for the best mens boxer shorts in India, check out London Bee’s boxer collection. Not only are they hygienic and treated to be odour-free, the elastic of each piece is also treated to be comfortable and to ensure that you don’t find it itchy or uncomfortable even after wearing it for a few hours.


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