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Classic Boxers vs. Boxer Shorts for Men – What’s Best for You?

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

So, you’ve realized you need to update your wardrobe, including buying new innerwear. But here’s the question – what should you buy?

While you may not realize it, there are actually a ton of innerwear options for men. This includes tight-fitting options like briefs, boxer trunks, and jockstraps and also includes looser fitting, more comfortable boxer shorts, and classic boxers.

Yup, you heard that right – there are actually two types of boxers you can buy. While boxer shorts and classic boxers may look relatively similar at first glance, they are actually quite different.

Classic Men's Boxers vs. Boxer Shorts for Men

The biggest difference between classic men's boxers and boxer shorts for men is the fit. While both are extremely comfortable, classic boxers are the more fitted option of the two. They have a back pocket and are generally used primarily as innerwear.

Boxer shorts for men, on the other hand, are the looser of the two. They have side pockets and are typically the choice for men looking for comfortable loungewear and home wear. If you’re looking for comfortable boxers that you can wear while you’re working from home, you’re probably looking at boxer shorts.

Choosing Between the Two

So, you understand how these two innerwear options differ – but how do you decide between the two?

Well, personally, we’d recommend having both boxer shorts for men and the classic men's boxer in your wardrobe. As mentioned above, they’re used for relatively different purposes. Classic men's boxers are innerwear options that you’ll wear under your pants or trousers, while boxer briefs act as loungewear and can even work as sleepwear.

However, if you’re only looking for one of the two, here are a few considerations you should keep in mind when choosing to buy cotton boxer shorts online.

  • Materials: What materials are these two options available in? Is one available in a more comfortable material, or a material you like? For example, if you’re looking for silk boxers, and the store you’re looking at only offers classic boxers in silk, the decision is pretty much made for you.

  • Function: As we’ve mentioned, classic boxers and boxer shorts have different functions. So, which of these two do you foresee as being a bigger requirement? For example, if you’re someone who prefers wearing briefs as innerwear, you’re probably looking for boxers for loungewear – and boxer shorts win in that case! If you need boxers that double as both innerwear and loungewear, we recommend looking for the best men’s boxer shorts you can find. While boxer shorts are comfortable enough that they can work as innerwear, classic boxers may feel a tad bit too tight as loungewear.

  • Appearance: While some people may not want to admit it, looking good is a major part of choosing an article of clothing, including innerwear and loungewear. When it comes to appearance, classic boxers win out over boxer shorts. The reason for this is precisely what makes boxer shorts so comfortable – the fit. The looser fit of boxer shorts means that they can make a person’s legs look thin, and the tighter classic boxers mean you don’t have to worry about this being an issue. If you want something that makes you look – and, as a result, feel – good, classic boxers are the way to go.

  • Treatment: Here’s something you may not know to ask – how are the clothes you buy treated? Advances in innerwear and loungewear technology mean that today, you can find boxers that have been treated to be antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral, and odor-free. The advantages are pretty obvious – they help with your hygiene and make it easier for you to wear the same article of innerwear for hours without having to worry about it becoming unhygienic. If you can find either classic boxers or boxer shorts that have been treated with any or all of these treatment options, we’d definitely recommend going for those over all others.

  • Fit: When we talk about fit, we’re not just talking about how the construction of classic boxers differs from boxer briefs – we’re also talking about how they fit on your body. When you’re choosing between the two types of boxers, make sure the option is available in your size. While you might be tempted to choose your preferred option in a size smaller if the size you need isn’t available, that’s never a good thing to do. Innerwear that’s too tight makes you feel hot and sweaty because it raises the temperature down there – and higher temperatures can actually lead to a lower sperm count! So, when it comes to choosing between classic boxers and boxer shorts, always choose the one that’s available in your size.

When choosing between classic boxers and the best men’s boxer shorts, you should always consider whether you’re looking for loungewear or innerwear and make sure your preferred option is available in your size and the materials you like. Additionally, see if the store offers additional fabric treatments on either of these options.

However, we do still recommend having both in your wardrobe if possible. If you’re looking for hygienic innerwear and sleepwear, and the best boxer shorts in India, take a look at London Bee’s range of LBEE boxers!


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