Woven Cotton Boxers – The Best Choice for Summer January 23, 2018 12:28

There are guys who do not put much emphasis into what they are wearing under their pants. It does not matter to them if they are sporting something nice or stylish down there. Their reason is that -- only a few people actually see them in their underwear. But when the swelter of summer comes during the months of June, July, and August, -- suddenly, these guys are compelled to look for comfortable underwear to beat what they call the “horrible” heat.  

In the United States, excluding Hawaii and Alaska, the summer season averages a temperature of 71.9 °F (22.2 °C). The hottest temperature (81.1°F) is experienced in four countries, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, and Hawaii. With such hot climate, Americans, especially the men, cannot argue that the most important piece of clothing that can make him cooler and drier and can protect his package from heat is comfortable piece of underwear.

Of course, you would not like your isolated parts to get caught in a zipper. You may also not like them hot and sweaty when you go on a walk or on golfing, jogging, and hiking. Most importantly, you would like your money to be best spent whatever underwear you choose. 

A study conducted by the Huffington Post and Ask Men in 2016 showed that only 18% of men preferred wearing boxer shorts. According to 45,000 survey responses, the top choices in underwear styles are trunks (15%), jockstraps (17%), boxer briefs (22%), and briefs (27%). Data were based on new adopters and enthusiasts and were taken in a month of November. If data were gathered during the hot summer months, the choice for boxers might have ranked first. 

The best men’s underwear for summer, undoubtedly, is a pair of boxer shorts. What are boxer shorts? And why can we consider it the best choice? The man behind the creation of men’s boxer in 1925 was Jacob Golomb. He found this elastic waistband he later named “boxer”, a practical alternative to the leather-belted shorts preferred during his time. It became popular overtime because it gives a more relaxed and more freedom of movement compared to other undergarments. It does not cling to the body like the briefs. 

Now, let us identify the best type of boxer shorts in the market Boxer shorts are made from many different materials like - woven cotton, polyester, nylon, wool, spandex, silk, and satin. In hot climates, men are typically looking for boxer shorts which give more comfort. This feature gives the woven cotton an edge over other materials used for boxer shorts. When weaved into a fabric, cotton produces a good balance of softness and comfort, strength, flexibility, and lightness. Woven cotton boxer shorts allow moisture to vaporizeward off fungal infections, and keep the skin away from allergies.

Here are reasons why woven cotton boxer shorts are the best choice for summer aside from comfort it offers:

  • Fashion prints. They can be bought in a variety of bright and checkered prints and fun designs to match any outfit like shirt, pants or hat. 
  • Increase fertility. Boxers loose fit lets in air to keep private parts cool and is said to enhance a man's fertility
  • Durable. Woven cotton fabrics are generally more durable. It has more fabric count (number of wrap and weft yearns present), thus keeping the shape well.
  • More formal looking. They do not stretch much, thus more adept at hiding the wearer’s body. 

Finding the perfect pair of woven cotton boxer shorts during summer can be time-consuming especially if you are on a budget. There are more top-grade types of cotton available that give boxer shorts a luxurious and comfy fee. There are also woven cotton boxer shorts sold in combo packs.  

You have actually three options when searching for boxer shorts --local shops, online apparel fabric shops and, online specialty fabric shops. Woven cotton boxes are sold in various colors and styles, but the price which matters to you also differs widely. London Bee Clothing explores the pros and cons and offers a complete guide to men’s boxer shorts. They consider the overall comfort, woven cotton fabrics, temperature control, and price for men’s boxers. 

While it is true that under garments are hidden most of the time, it does not mean that you will not keep yourself comfortable down there. It is time to let “them” breathe. We also cannot forget how important it is to look good and sexy when you’re a spending a special night with your special someone. Fashion aside, you should care about the feel. And the moment you tried on a pair of their woven cotton boxer shorts, you will realize you have kept your package caged for years. Let them breathe and embrace comfort with the best woven cotton boxers.