The Types of Ties You Need and How to Wear Them November 11, 2017 10:55

The “Tie” short for “Neck tie” has been the perfect garment accessory for the gentlemen and for representing the corporate world. It is a versatile piece that every man should have in their closet. Although there are different types of ties that one should choose from, it is important to know which one is perfect for you whether it is for formal occasions, for business gatherings, or even for your own casual, personal style. This guide will help you find out the different types of ties:

  1. Four-in-Hand Necktie

This particular necktie is the most common among kind that we know of; it’s perfect for formal occasions and definitely for the corporate attire. It usually comes in all different patterns, material and colors, so this necktie has plenty of options for you to choose from. In wearing this tie, you’d have to know the classic “Windsor knot”, common knot in which it creates a large knot on the tie. 

  1. Seven-Fold Necktie

The Seven-fold necktie is like the close relative of the “four-in-hand necktie”. It is similar in design but different when it comes to the form of the tie. It has no lining which makes it thick and easy to knot for up to seven times (hence the name “seven-fold necktie”) but the materials to create this tie is pretty expensive. So it’s a rare occasion to see one of these ties around. This tie is perfect for formal occasions and business attire.

  1. Cravat

The Cravat, or most commonly used name “Ascot”, is usually wrapped around the neck or under the polo, and it is usually pinned rather than knotted. It is used for formal occasions usually for a dressier and cleaner look. It’s a wide necktie which can be pinstriped with a trouser.

  1. Bolo Tie

This necktie is also called the “shoelace tie” because of the ribbon like form it takes after tying your own shoes. Bolo ties became popular in the 70s with its rounded heavy braid material, metal tips for extra shine, and the simple ornament placed on the center of the tie. It can be worn for casual occasions but rarely for formal occasions because some countries don’t allow these particular ties. Also, these bolo ties have recently been making a comeback in the style industry. 

  1. Bowtie

The Bowtie has been a fun alternative for the usual and formal “four in hand necktie.” It has a square-shaped cut, with ends that are shaped and it is tied under the chin in a bow form. Since the late 19th century, the bowties have been introduced, and men have been using these for mostly formal occasions. But in recent terms, they have been popular also for the casual look for the men, and it is particularly flexible in different events like formal parties, cocktail parties, balls and even for everyday wear. The variety of this simple tie is limitless and fun to play around with your own personal sleek look.

  1. Neckerchief

The neckerchief is a scarf like neckwear that is usually tied or knotted around the neck. It is one of the most overlooked ties especially when creating a very casual look. This tie is not really for formal occasions, but it can be a creative and unique way in stepping up the look of your everyday wear. Although, this may also be a part of uniforms such as farmers, cowboys, sailors and the most common for boy scouts, to create the wholeness in their outfits. 

Neckties have different types of forms to choose from, and the options are definitely endless especially when you shop at London Bee Clothing. It is importance to follow your own fashion taste and to add your personal style when dressing up. Neckties are like the extension of your personality, and it is better to choose something that bring out your own fashion state, something that exudes your personality. Also, remember to explore different tie knots, so you won’t be sticking to one standard knot that you commonly know. Men and ties are best friends almost as much as women and diamonds are. Thus, it’s important to choose the best one for your exact style.