Knitted Track Pants - The Best Choice for Casual Mens Wear November 28, 2017 15:10


Track pants are also known as sweatpants. It is a kind of trouser that is intended to offer a casual look that can definitely provide comfort in doing physical activities for athletic purposes. They are commonly known as track pants, tracky daks or trackies in Australia, and it’s widely used in various countries including IndiaIndian men love track pants because of the level of comfort and flexibility that it brings. It was first introduced by Emily Camuset in the 1920s when it solely served the purpose of being exclusively for athlete’s comfort. At the present time, track pants are not only popular among athletes but also popular in the fashion industry that targets casual wear or attire. 


Track pants come in various styles and are made of polyester or cotton and often knitted heavily. They are often elastic in the waist part so that any body size could easily fit in. Often, they have pockets, but some do not. Traditionally, track pants are ash gray in color; however, due to our dynamic fashion senses, they are now available in varied colors. They are usually loose, so it will be convenient to put on and take off, in addition to this, they are flexible and comfortable to wear. Moreover, less heat is trapped in track pants as compared to the conventional pantsThe The warmer kind of track pants are made of polar fleece which are fit to cold temperatures. 


Before, these casual pants are worn for aerobic activities and sometimes at home. However, they are now worn in varied situations and in many fashion styles. They have become a popular choice of clothing due to their comfort and casual style which one could wear in almost any type of event except for formal wears. 


Throughout the years, sweatpants or track pants have evolved and have determined their own category of athletic trousers. This includes windpants, fashion pants, and tear away pants. 



These types of track pants are similar to the traditional sweatpants but are lighter. It can shield cold wind rather than insulating it. Typically, they are made of cotton and nylon with a line on the sides. The friction made from the nylon material against itself and the legs make a “swooshing” noise as you walk, thus the name. You will also notice the zippers on each ankle of the pants, which allows athletes to pull their footwear over. 


Fashion pants

This is a fashion style that look chic and fashionable. It is made from a wide variety of materials like satin or velvet and also in various pattern combinations and colors. To distinctly distinguish fashion pants from the other type of track pants, check the elastic band you could see in the ankle. If it doesn't have one, it's a fashion pants. 


Tear away pants

Track Field and basketball are the two sports which are associated with tear away pants. It is also known as rip-off pants or break away pants. In the UK, it is known as popper pants and is closely linked to windpants. Tear away pants have fasteners on the length of both leg sides. It is designed to allow runners or athletes to tear away the pants in a timely manner when competing in a sport. It then provides comfort and flexibility to the athlete in his or her movements. 


Men are opting for the comfortability of their style. Most men would want loose shirt and pants, especially for those who have active lifestyles and are usually engaged in different physical and sports activities. Knitted track pants are a good choice when it comes to men’s casual wear. It does not only exude comfort. It can also be an awesome fashion statement and sportswear that can be worn flexibly in many settings.


In choosing your perfect track pants, London Bee Clothing would definitely offer you a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to track pants. Just be clear about what your purpose is in choosing a track pants. You must carefully consider the type of event or activity you are about to have and the kind of material that would suit these situations as well.