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Military Print Cargo Pants – Always a great Choice January 06, 2018 10:40

Cargo pants are a fad today. This type of pants was once used by the British military as their uniform, but it’s now a part of the mainstream fashion industry. Military cargo pants can be worn by both men and women and can be used in so many ways. One can flaunt this type of clothing during casual events, outdoor trips, and even during semi-formal gatherings. As people are more accustomed to wearing these, a lot of alterations are done to make it look more contemporary and stylish. Now, military cargo pants have less bulky pockets and a slimmer casual look. Although worn by both genders, most males think that military cargo pants are just for casual walks only. Surprisingly, there are several styles for men that can be worn in almost all sort of events. Here are 4 easy ways to wear military cargo pants:

  •  Summer Look

If you think military prints don’t go well during the summertime, you are wrong. Grab your military cargo pants and pair it with any white tee-shirts or polo shirts. The aim is to look fresh and light, so wear breathable tops. Match your outfit with a pair of your sneakers, then you’re ready to go.

  •  Outdoor Look

Military cargo pants are perfect for outdoor activities. If you go hiking, this will go well with the atmosphere, and this will also make you look rough and ready. Pair your military cargo pants with a plain shirt and hiking boots. You can also bring a jacket if the weather is chilly. This will not only make your hiking much more comfortable, but this will also complement your overall attire  

  • Winter Look

Military cargo pants aren’t only comfortable to wear during the cold season, but it’s also stylish at the same time. If you plan to wear cargo pants during winter, you can choose your layers from button-down shirts and sweaters. Not only will this warm you up, but this will make you look professional as well.

  • Casual Look

This type of look is easy to achieve. You can mix and match several types of clothing with this style. To start, you can try wearing a plain shirt with neutral colors and match it with a cardigan. This casual look is ideal for dates since this makes you appear cool and trendy. Once you get comfortable with matching cardigans with plain tee-shirts, you can explore other clothing types like denim jackets, long sleeves, and the like. 

                                    The Benefits of Wearing Military Cargo Pants

Generally, cargo pants are loose-fitting pants with several pockets on the sides. It’s mostly made out of cotton fabric, which is comfortable when worn. Owning one has several benefits. Here are its features and advantages:

  • They come in Varieties

Now that military cargo pants are a part of the commercial scene, you can actually find more and more varieties of these pants around several clothing lines. Now, you can choose whatever type of cargo pants you prefer. There are slim to loose-fitting styles with different types of hemlines, lengths, and pockets. 

  • They are Flexible

Military cargo pants can be worn anywhere and anytime. There are many stylish ways to mix and match this particular pants, so it makes it flexible to use in everyday occasions. Military cargo pants can also be worn on both cold or hot seasons depending on its length and cloth type. Some are more baggy and shorter, which is pleasant during hot days. Other military pants are tighter and longer, which are great during cold days.

  • They are Convenient

Aside from its comfortable features, military cargo pants are definitely convenient to wear. Most of the time, military cargo pants have a lot of pocketsso these compartments can come in handy when the need arises. Lastly, because of its camouflage print, you can literally sit on anywhere and not worry about soiling your pants. This makes military cargo pants great not only for casual walks but also convenient during intense outdoor activities that would require you to partake in messy, physical activities.

Military cargo pants are accessible in almost any stores like the London Bee Clothing. If you want to rock an outfit with military cargo pants, apply these tips and you’ll surely see heads turning your way.


Fashionable Low Waist Men's Jeans December 30, 2017 16:37

Jeans were originally designed as farm laborer's uniform in the 19th century. People discovered that wearing jeans can be used in ways no one ever imagined. Everywhere you go, you see people wearing jeans. It is considered to be a “get up and go outfit" since you can easily pair it with a plain or printed shirt.

Men have endless options when it comes to the jeans they prefer to wear. Many men today still prefer wearing jeans because of the comfort and durability they bring. Like any other fashion trend, jeans have evolved in many ways from skinny, slim, regular, relaxed, loose, and now low waist. To look even better when wearing jeans, keeping your physical attributes in mind can help you in finding the perfect fit. There are few types of jeans that will help you show off your features.

Types of Low Waist Jeans

Slim Low Waist Jeans

These types of jeans are the most famous and trendy today. These types look good for tall men. Not too tight and not too baggy. High-rise jeans will make you look stretched. Using oversized clothing for tall men will make you look like a giant, and it will overwhelm your height. Tight jeans, on the other hand, will make you look skinny and frail. Using Slim Low Waist jeans will show off your height and build perfectly.

Slim Tapered Low Waist Jeans

If you are a not too tall and not too short, these types of jeans will perfectly fit you. It does not drag your height to look short but also does not stretch you looking so skinny and tall. Make sure though that the length of the jeans is perfect. 

These types of jeans are also perfect for Skinny Men; the Straight cut does not draw much attention on the skinny legs. Choosing roughly textured jeans will help create an illusion that your legs have more muscle than you actually have.

Low Waist Slim Straight Cut

If you are into sports and your body is on the athletic side, these types of jeans are perfect for you. You should be wearing a Low Waist Slim Straight Cut that fits under the belly, with a comfortable fit in the thigh and hip. These jeans will give you more space for your legs since wearing skinny types will make your legs uncomfortable, tight and restricted. Wearing low waist slim straight cut jeans will help you move around comfortably while showing off your muscles.

Skinny Low Waist

Skinny jeans can be an option for slender guys too. This is for the guys who are not too tall and not too short and those who are not too bulky and not too skinny. These types of jeans will show off your medium build. Make sure, though, that you find the perfect skinny fit; wearing skin-tight jeans will make or break your style. If you buy skinny jeans that are too tight for you then, it will restrict your movement that will make you feel uncomfortable and may hinder you from doing your planned activity. 

Final Thoughts

Wearing low waist jeans has become a trend today, and men want to couple it with fashionable boxer shorts. It has been an ongoing trend for most men. It looks fashionable, sexy, comfortable and attractive. If you want to find comfortable boxers that would fit every low rise jeans you can check London Bee Clothing. Finding the perfect low waist jeans is also the key for comfort. Comfort should be your primary consideration in finding jeans since wearing something comfortable should be your key priority. Remember: comfort is fashion. 

Jeans are never out of fashion. With the benefits that come with it, it is definitely a good investment. With just a few pairs of jeans, you will be able to mix and match it with your favorite shirts. You don't have to buy a lot of jeans since they can last longer. You can wear them several times without washing. They’re very easy to wash too; stains are not easily absorbed by jeans. Stains easily go off when you wash it, and you don't have to worry about buying a new pair often. Thus, since you don’t buy jeans every day, make sure you get the right pick when you’re ready to purchase. 

The Origin of Cargo Short and Cargo Pants December 19, 2017 12:41

Cargo pants is also known as cargo trousers and/or combat trousers as its name was derived from their military purposes. Although it was a major trend in the fashion scene during the 1990s, its history is definitely of practical use. It provided easy access to any gear and storage solely for soldiers. These pants are typically cut loose, specifically designed for intense outdoor activities and are distinctly distinguished with their several pockets. Because of the level of convenience they bring when carrying items, it has become a popular trend in urban places. At the present time, it still serves its fashion and functional points

 The traditional cargo trousers are a pair of utilitarian khaki pants, distinguished by their cargo pockets widely different from the regular pants you commonly see outdoors. The cargo’s pocket is a type of patch that is often folded in accordion to accommodate more items inside. It is enclosed with a flap and is secured with a button, magnet, velcro or snap that is commonly seen in hunting clothes or battle dresses. Moreover, a secret pocket hidden within the leg part is seen in some cargo pants designs. 

These pants are stitched ruggedly and are made of hard worn fabric. Amazingly, although they are made of hard wearing fabric, they are also synthetic quick-dry and are blended with cotton-synthetics. It also has belt loops that are wide enough to accommodate wide belts. 

The garments used are particularly designed to allow free movements of the hip and the knee, which are then sewn using the felled seam for added strength and durability. 

 Battle dress or combats were originally worn by the British Armed Forces’ members in the year 1938. These were part of the BDUs (shortened term of Battle Dress Uniforms). Its original style has one pocket on the side of the tight part and one on the front hip. It was then introduced during the World War II to the United States of America in the 1940s. The pants’ large cargo pockets were intended to hold maps, field dressings and other items of the British forces. To accommodate more space for the extra ammunition and K rations, the idea was then copied to make the uniform of the U.S. Paratrooper.

Cargo pants have also evolved during the days. It was later introduced to the fashion world in the middle to late 1990s and are worn casually not only by the military men but also by the common men. It was first worn in a performance of an urban hip-hop. It was then a hit to the mass market, be it for ladies or men’s wear sections. 

 Cargo pants are then shortened and became cargo shorts which level the knee. Other cargo pants were designed having the lower leg to be detachable so it could be easily converted to shorts as per one's preference.

 Another type of cargo pants is called the EMT pantsThis type of cargo pants has a 6-way pocket on one or even both legs. Each cargo pocket has a secret pocket that is zippered above the cargo’s pocket. This type of cargo pants is highly innovated to make more rooms for carrying items. 

 For women, cargo pants are made out of softer materials or fabrics and with a variety of colors, patterns and combinations. The first evolution of cargo pants was led by Ralph Lauren, a U.S. fashion designer, who presented silk-made cargo pants as part of his innovative runway in 1998. Moreover, the cargo pocket later appeared on skirts, jeans, capri pants, and shorts. With fashion being naturally dynamic, it was then added to shirts as well, usually seen on the chest part or between the shoulder and the elbow. 

 Despite the fact that cargo pants were not as trendy as they were in the year of 1990s, it still serves its functional detail in men’s clothing. Men, in today's generation, are full of vitality and are therefore active in physical activities. Most men usually wear cargo pants more fashionably than before. They are now available in varied color combinations and patterns that will surely suit different body types. This is what London Bee Clothing offers. You will surely see varied options to choose from. Comfort should be your topmost priority when looking for a cargo pants. You will surely look stylish with the casual look that cargo pants offer. 

Men’s Casual wear in India – The growth of Urban wear brands December 12, 2017 15:04

There’s no denying how the apparel industry is continually on the rise. Urban wear brands are sprouting because of the increasing demand for specific apparel needs, like men’s casual wear, especially in India. 

The market size of the apparel industry in India in the year 2016 reached around Rs 2,900,000 which is still expected to grow year by year. As of 2015, women’s wear accounted for 38%, men’s wear accounted for 41%, and kids wear accounted for 21% of the overall apparel market. This only manifests how the clothing industry in India is continually thriving. 

Casual Wear Rising

In the overall apparel market, the casual wear section has gone through a tremendous level of evolution and growth. Because the dress codes have toned down in the past few years, fashion-conscious employees have resorted to smart and comfy casual wear for work. 

Men’s Casual Wear

India’s men’s wear market was at Rs 1,24,423 crore and is bound to grow predictably at 9% CAGR to seize the mark of Rs 2,95,795 by the year 2026. This huge leap is because of the apparent shift of men’s apparel market gearing towards casual wear like polo/t-shirts, active wear, and denims at a much sharper CAGR of around 14%. This is also due to the growing fashion consciousness of today’s men, increasing levels of brandization, higher disposable income, social media sway, and the adoption of specialized clothing with special features like odor resistance and the like. This trend is not just ubiquitous in the metros but also widespread across all pasts of India. 

Casual Wear Categories

The casual wear sphere has multiple categories that fashion-loving and casual users embrace:

Rugged Casual: This section includes clothing pieces for outdoor activities and sports, such as rock climbing, backpacking, fishing, hunting, etc. 

Dressy Casual: This is a more casual version of the usual cocktail party getup. Dress casual style is an elegant version of a regular casual wear, like blazer, sports coat, and dress slacks. 

Business Casual: This is a comfy version of the traditional business attire. The sense of professionalism is still intact while still exuding a carefree style that suits every wearer’s personality. 

Smart Casual: Smart casual is another casual yet professional look. It’s a step up from business casual but also not as formal as a boardroom attire. It’s professional and neat—but still in a way informal. 

Active Casual or Sporty Casual: 

This class isn’t about actually using it to play sports or engage in physical activities. It’s more about the relaxed look and the energetic vibe it exudes. It includes apparel for running, gym, functional sports, biking, roller blading, and other forms of fitness activity. Key Products Driving Casual Wear

Here are the key products that have kicked the men’s casual wear into overdrive and propelled the growth of urban wear brands in the country. More and more India-base brands, like London Bee, are sprouting and offering the following key products.

Denims: The Indian denim market exhibits a steady growth year by year. With new trends and more effective market research tactics, advancement of new technologies, and other factors coming into play, the denim sector has continued to show promise. Even in rural places, denim is becoming a go-to fashion piece among teenage boys and girls and even among working adults. 

T-shirts: T-shirts will never lose its charm. It will never go out of style It’s simply one of the comfiest forms of casual wear that will never be seen absent in anybody’s closet. The market seize of men’s t-shirts in India as of 2016 is Rs 8,527 crore and is set to grow at 12% CAGR to become Rs 26,484 crore towards 2026.

Casual Shirts/ Tops/ Trousers/ Skirts

The younger consumers love this category because of the level of comfort and flexibility it offers. In 2015, men’s casual trousers and shirts was at Rs 23,885 crore and is said to grow at 9.8CAGR to reach the Rs 38,118 crore mark by 2020.

Men’s casual wear market does not show any sign of waning. It will continue to flourish as the generations become more into comfort and style above all else.

Knitted Track Pants - The Best Choice for Casual Mens Wear November 28, 2017 15:10


Track pants are also known as sweatpants. It is a kind of trouser that is intended to offer a casual look that can definitely provide comfort in doing physical activities for athletic purposes. They are commonly known as track pants, tracky daks or trackies in Australia, and it’s widely used in various countries including IndiaIndian men love track pants because of the level of comfort and flexibility that it brings. It was first introduced by Emily Camuset in the 1920s when it solely served the purpose of being exclusively for athlete’s comfort. At the present time, track pants are not only popular among athletes but also popular in the fashion industry that targets casual wear or attire. 


Track pants come in various styles and are made of polyester or cotton and often knitted heavily. They are often elastic in the waist part so that any body size could easily fit in. Often, they have pockets, but some do not. Traditionally, track pants are ash gray in color; however, due to our dynamic fashion senses, they are now available in varied colors. They are usually loose, so it will be convenient to put on and take off, in addition to this, they are flexible and comfortable to wear. Moreover, less heat is trapped in track pants as compared to the conventional pantsThe The warmer kind of track pants are made of polar fleece which are fit to cold temperatures. 


Before, these casual pants are worn for aerobic activities and sometimes at home. However, they are now worn in varied situations and in many fashion styles. They have become a popular choice of clothing due to their comfort and casual style which one could wear in almost any type of event except for formal wears. 


Throughout the years, sweatpants or track pants have evolved and have determined their own category of athletic trousers. This includes windpants, fashion pants, and tear away pants. 



These types of track pants are similar to the traditional sweatpants but are lighter. It can shield cold wind rather than insulating it. Typically, they are made of cotton and nylon with a line on the sides. The friction made from the nylon material against itself and the legs make a “swooshing” noise as you walk, thus the name. You will also notice the zippers on each ankle of the pants, which allows athletes to pull their footwear over. 


Fashion pants

This is a fashion style that look chic and fashionable. It is made from a wide variety of materials like satin or velvet and also in various pattern combinations and colors. To distinctly distinguish fashion pants from the other type of track pants, check the elastic band you could see in the ankle. If it doesn't have one, it's a fashion pants. 


Tear away pants

Track Field and basketball are the two sports which are associated with tear away pants. It is also known as rip-off pants or break away pants. In the UK, it is known as popper pants and is closely linked to windpants. Tear away pants have fasteners on the length of both leg sides. It is designed to allow runners or athletes to tear away the pants in a timely manner when competing in a sport. It then provides comfort and flexibility to the athlete in his or her movements. 


Men are opting for the comfortability of their style. Most men would want loose shirt and pants, especially for those who have active lifestyles and are usually engaged in different physical and sports activities. Knitted track pants are a good choice when it comes to men’s casual wear. It does not only exude comfort. It can also be an awesome fashion statement and sportswear that can be worn flexibly in many settings.


In choosing your perfect track pants, London Bee Clothing would definitely offer you a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to track pants. Just be clear about what your purpose is in choosing a track pants. You must carefully consider the type of event or activity you are about to have and the kind of material that would suit these situations as well. 



Hoodies: A Fashionable Office Wear November 23, 2017 14:58

Some people feel cold more easily than others. Some easily feel hot when in a humid environment. Some cannot even perform their work well in a very cold environment. Cold weather or environment can easily affect a person's well being. They can get a cough and colds which can hinder them from accomplishing their tasks perfectly.

Employees need to be creative in thinking about ways on how to conquer the cold weather. But what can be an easy way to be comfortable in the office when faced with a very cold AC? Do you bring your own blanket? Do wear winter clothes? But why go thru the hassle of wearing bulky clothes when you can wear hoodies?

Hoodies are comfortable and fashionable office wear. It is a part of everyone's wardrobe. It gives the right amount of warmth you need in an office setup. When buying a hoodie, you consider one that is warm, thin, and light, and it should fit your body build well.

Here are some reasons why hoodies are also great office wear.


Hoodies can provide the comfort a blanket can give you. For any type of clothes you purchase, comfort should be your first consideration. Comfort should also be your priority when looking for hoodies. Hoodies should ideally be made from light and soft material. Most hoodies may look really good but do not feel good when worn, so choose comfort above all else. Remember you are going to wear it in the office, so you have to feel as comfortable as possible, so you can perform your job well.


Hoodies are very useful. They can be used when you are out for a run, walk, or when you are working out. It can easily be paired with any types of jeans.

Hoodies can also be used in any weather condition. Light hoodies can be very useful during summer, they can help protect the skin from harmful UV Rays, and since they are made of cotton material, they can easily take in sweat, which helps in regulating the body temperature. Those thick and bulky ones, on the other hand, can be used during winter. 


The warmth hoodies can give is comparable to the feeling when you are under the sheets having a good night sleep or when you are relaxing in a very cold weather. Hoodies come in handy for people who get cold easily during cold weather or when the office AC is unbearably cold. The hood also protects your head from the direct blow of air which is a common cause of a headache, which may even lead to a migraine.


Hoodies are never out of style; they always look trendy and fashionable no matter what you pair them with. You can match it perfectly with any jeans, sweatpants, and casual jeans, and it goes along with any sneakers. A hoodie can also be a perfect fit for any type of jacket. You can top it with a leather jacket or a coat and it will still perfectly look fine. This can really be an excellent part of your wardrobe.

Can be worn by everyone

It has been a misconception that only adult men can wear hoodies. Hoodies look good at any age and gender. The broad variety of designs is an ideal fit for men, women, and kids. Young people specifically enjoy wearing hoodies since they give more space for them to carry mobile phones and MP3's which they enjoy. Adult men and women, however, enjoy wearing hoodies because of their versatility. Adults like to wear them since they can be worn in the gym. They help your body sweat and eventually lose weight. Hoodies also come in handy in hiding your belly bumps. 

Final Thoughts

Hoodies are designed to fit every person's need. Fur hoodies, skate hoodies, polo hoodies, skate hoodies are some of the most common types. Wearing hoodies in the office should not compromise your work and professionalism. You should still look professional and well mannered while wearing hoodies. Be sure to find the perfect fit for your need while considering all the advantages that a great hoodie must have. Every person has accepted hoodies and has made them a part of their closet. If you are looking for a great, comfortable and stylish hoodie, you can always check  London Bee Clothing for the best finds.

Different Types of Pyjamas November 17, 2017 16:25

Pajamas or pyjamas, are also commonly known as PJs, jimmies, jimjams, jimmyjams, or jammies. It is a type of clothing which originally came from the Indian subcontinent. This type of loosely fit garment is commonly used when sleeping. This may also be used for lounging, by both males and females. In general, pyjamas are garments that can be used either at daytime or nighttime. It comes in many styles and from various materials.

Pajamas come in several types, and you should definitely distinguish the difference between them to know what suits your preferences and your body. There are those that you can use for loungewear, and others are not advisable to use out of the bathroom.

Pajama Sets

This type of pyjama comes with a top and a bottom half. The top is available in different sizes. It can have the typical sleeves or the long sleeves. On the other hand, the bottom half can either be shorts or a long trouser leg. There are pajama sets that have matching patterns or prints, but there are also those that consist of a plain-colored top and a patterned or printed bottom half. There are also known as traditional sets which generally have a checkered pattern.

Sleep Shirts

Sleepshirts are worn to match either lounge pants or a boxer shorts. Their shirts are commonly just oversized T-shirts. Typically, these shirts are made up of soft, breathable materials. That's why men using these shirts wear them with total comfort.

Boxer Shorts

The most preferred undergarments for men, boxer shorts can also be an ideal undergarment under men's pyjamas. Seeing an elastic waistband with a name or logo of garment's manufacturer will give you a clue that the men you saw wearing it actually has a boxer shorts underneath. Men prefer these shorts for a reason. It provides them a high level of comfort because it's loosely fit. It is designed with a front closure in the form of an open fly. It only comes in different sizes, colors, and patterns. It can also be made up of silk or satin, and/or cotton or merino wool. 

Footed Pyjamas

Footed pyjamas are common as a children's wear, but it also comes in adult men's sizes. This kind of pyjama is a one-piece clothing that covers the whole body up to the feet. It is designed to be worn in colder places. It can have a material of polyester fleece of terry cloth and have a zip or snap fastening that runs from the foot to the neck. Typically, a vinyl fabric covers the bottom of the footed sections so that men wearing it will prevent themselves from slipping as they walk.

Basketball Shorts

Basketball shorts are designed to be looser in styles and fit than boxer shorts. This can be worn during daytime and nighttime. It is made up from a polyester mesh fabric that provided increased airflow throughout the fabric. Men wearing this type of pyjamas can move more freely and cover much of the upper thigh area. Just like boxer shorts, basketball shorts have an elastic waistband and can have pockets.

Lounge Pants

These lounge pants are bought as pyjama separates. These are for men who sleep topless but prefer to have their legs covered. It can usually be found in flannel and cotton fabrics and are generally comfortable. Usually, lounge pants have a drawstring. 

If you are currently in search of the best pyjama for you, you can check out London Bee Clothing. They offer many styles that will perfectly suit your taste and can assure you that their brand offers the comfort you’re looking for in a sleepwear or in a pyjama

Why is cotton clothing most popular in India November 15, 2017 10:26

Cotton is definitely a miracle fiber. It can be woven, spun, and dyed and has been in use since the ancient times. Today, it’s one of the most commonly used fibers for cloth, especially in India. It is said that cotton clothing is most popular in India. In this article, we are going to unravel why that is so and how it all began. 

Why Cotton is a Top Fabric for Indian Wear

The cotton fabric is always a superior choice, especially throughout the hot and dry season. It’s lightweight, cool, and airy, and it can even produce better fabrics like twill, Chanderi, plaids, voile, and so on. 

Given the long summer months of India, the features and comfort cotton brings definitely suits the region’s need for comfortable clothing. People also love cotton clothing because it’s durable and easy to maintain. People with sensitive skin also love cotton because, unlike other types of fabric, it does not easily trigger allergic reactions. It has lots of perks that many people, inside and outside of India, appreciate. Whether it’s casual or formal wear, cotton is a supreme fabric that is a staple in India’s and the world’s clothing market. 

The Cotton Industry in India

Cotton has a significant role in the economy of India since the textile industry of the country is chiefly cotton-based. India is also amongst the biggest manufacturers and exporters of cotton yarn.

The textile industry of India shares around 5% of the country’s GDP or gross domestic product, 11% of the total export revenue, and 14% of the overall industrial production. The textile industry in India is also the second biggest source of jobs in the country next to agriculture. It provides jobs to over 51 million people, including unskilled women. This huge textile industry in India is expected to reach USD 223 billion by 2021. 

The key cotton producers in India are the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Haryana, Punjab, and Rajasthan. It is expected that the cotton industry in India will continue to thrive and flourish. 

How the Love for Cotton Began in India

After the discovery of cotton propagated in Africa in the 18th century, the cotton fad shortly spread to the subcontinent of India. The British got interested in cotton when the East India Company began to import fabrics straight from India. Things got even more interesting when the cotton gin was invented and used. It’s a machine the separates the fiber from the seeds, allowing cotton to displace wool and flax. Because of this innovation in the Industrial Revolution, the demand for cotton has significantly increased. 

Later on, the rise of Mahatma Ghandi emboldened the people of India to preserve their traditions amid the huge industrial revolution. Gandhi along with his followers were enraged by the laws which sent the Indian cotton back to Britain to get milled into cloth and then returned to India wherein the people had to buy British loomed cotton instead of hand woven khadi In 1921, Ghandi began the movement for all Indian folks to spin their very own cloth or buy only hand-spun Indian clothing. 

In the modern times, the cotton industry still heatedly competes on the global market. There are already a lot of key players in the clothing industry, like London Bee Clothing, featuring various types of cotton-based clothing. More and more people are appreciating the benefits of cotton, and many have already adapted this type of fabric as a staple in their wardrobe. Actually, cotton is a top fabric across the world, especially in places with majorly hot climate. But for those who live in dominantly cold places, cotton is also thought to be warm in winter. Because of how breathable, flexible, and lightweight this fabric is, it will always be here to stay.

In India, there’s still diversity in the methods and traditions used to create Indian cotton. Weavers often have close family structures wherein their ancient skills are passed on from generation to generation. Cotton is definitely not just a normal fabric Indian folks commonly use. It has a rich history and a significant role in India’s economy and everyday living.

The Types of Ties You Need and How to Wear Them November 11, 2017 10:55

The “Tie” short for “Neck tie” has been the perfect garment accessory for the gentlemen and for representing the corporate world. It is a versatile piece that every man should have in their closet. Although there are different types of ties that one should choose from, it is important to know which one is perfect for you whether it is for formal occasions, for business gatherings, or even for your own casual, personal style. This guide will help you find out the different types of ties:

  1. Four-in-Hand Necktie

This particular necktie is the most common among kind that we know of; it’s perfect for formal occasions and definitely for the corporate attire. It usually comes in all different patterns, material and colors, so this necktie has plenty of options for you to choose from. In wearing this tie, you’d have to know the classic “Windsor knot”, common knot in which it creates a large knot on the tie. 

  1. Seven-Fold Necktie

The Seven-fold necktie is like the close relative of the “four-in-hand necktie”. It is similar in design but different when it comes to the form of the tie. It has no lining which makes it thick and easy to knot for up to seven times (hence the name “seven-fold necktie”) but the materials to create this tie is pretty expensive. So it’s a rare occasion to see one of these ties around. This tie is perfect for formal occasions and business attire.

  1. Cravat

The Cravat, or most commonly used name “Ascot”, is usually wrapped around the neck or under the polo, and it is usually pinned rather than knotted. It is used for formal occasions usually for a dressier and cleaner look. It’s a wide necktie which can be pinstriped with a trouser.

  1. Bolo Tie

This necktie is also called the “shoelace tie” because of the ribbon like form it takes after tying your own shoes. Bolo ties became popular in the 70s with its rounded heavy braid material, metal tips for extra shine, and the simple ornament placed on the center of the tie. It can be worn for casual occasions but rarely for formal occasions because some countries don’t allow these particular ties. Also, these bolo ties have recently been making a comeback in the style industry. 

  1. Bowtie

The Bowtie has been a fun alternative for the usual and formal “four in hand necktie.” It has a square-shaped cut, with ends that are shaped and it is tied under the chin in a bow form. Since the late 19th century, the bowties have been introduced, and men have been using these for mostly formal occasions. But in recent terms, they have been popular also for the casual look for the men, and it is particularly flexible in different events like formal parties, cocktail parties, balls and even for everyday wear. The variety of this simple tie is limitless and fun to play around with your own personal sleek look.

  1. Neckerchief

The neckerchief is a scarf like neckwear that is usually tied or knotted around the neck. It is one of the most overlooked ties especially when creating a very casual look. This tie is not really for formal occasions, but it can be a creative and unique way in stepping up the look of your everyday wear. Although, this may also be a part of uniforms such as farmers, cowboys, sailors and the most common for boy scouts, to create the wholeness in their outfits. 

Neckties have different types of forms to choose from, and the options are definitely endless especially when you shop at London Bee Clothing. It is importance to follow your own fashion taste and to add your personal style when dressing up. Neckties are like the extension of your personality, and it is better to choose something that bring out your own fashion state, something that exudes your personality. Also, remember to explore different tie knots, so you won’t be sticking to one standard knot that you commonly know. Men and ties are best friends almost as much as women and diamonds are. Thus, it’s important to choose the best one for your exact style.

Printed Cotton Shirts – Small prints back in fashion November 08, 2017 15:00


As we all know, men would like to keep their fashion as simple and comfortable as it could be. That is why they would just prefer wearing a cotton shirt in almost everywhere they go since it is also applicable for almost all occasions. It gives them the breathable and fresher feeling even when wearing it the whole day. But wearing a shirt paired with jeans and sneakers might look kind of boring. How about spicing it up a little bit by investing more in printed cotton shirts rather than the ordinary shirts? 

Printed cotton shirts are what the name itself says. These are cotton shirts with printed designs on it that are intended to make you look more fashionable and less boring. Cotton is usually used because of its light and breathable feel. The print gives life and meaning to the cotton shirt you are wearing. Big, fancy prints are not necessarily the key to exuding appeal. Even small prints can make a difference on your cotton shirt. It will still depend on the design, color, and overall setup. But most of all, it will depend on how you will wear it. 

Why lads in India love small prints

Minimalist- Nowadays, people are already adapting the idea that “less is more”. Going for minimalist and simple designs is classier than wearing printed cotton shirts with designs that are too overdone. Men, in particular, are gearing towards a neat design that is straightforward yet classy. 

Clutter-free- Huge, overstated prints can only lead to a cluttered look. That defeats the purpose of fashion, and so it is more than important to go for t-shirt designs that don’t look too overdone and still exude the kind of clean and stark feel everybody is looking for.

Flexible- Usually, plain-looking shirts or those with smaller prints are go-to pieces. They easily become flexible options that you can readily grab when you don’t know what to wear. They can be perfect for almost all occasions because they exude flexibility and class. 

Printed cotton shirts are made for different purposes. There are various types of printed cotton shirts like the ones below: 

Shirts designed for concerts

Most common design for this are band names and their tour dates for band concerts. The print on the shirt is about the artist/s who is on tour. Some artists can make you buy their shirts for an autograph on it. The concert shirts are also souvenirs from the event and will make you remember your attendance to their concert every time you wear.

Tourist shirts 

Tourist shirthave prints of different places or attractions. They are usually bought as a souvenir and gifts. It will also serve as a remembrance that you have been on the certain place.

Merchandise shirts

Another type is a merchandise shirt which has a print of brand. This is a way of promoting the brand since people can see it when you are wearing it wherever you go. 

Art shirts

The design of this type of shirt depends on the artist. The artist uses his imagination and he can creatively of. Some artists express their feeling and originality through making art shirts. 

University shirts

This type of shirt is designed mostly based on your school or the class you are in. These are shirts with names of different schools, batch year, course, etc. and are usually sold in the campus you are in.

Whatever type of shirt you have, going for the cotton-based ones with small yet cool prints always saves the day. It is the simplest fashion trend right now! In London bee, it is where you can find great selections of printed cotton shirts which will give you the most comfortable and relaxing feeling when wearing it. Whether it is hot or cold, London bee printed cotton shirts make you feel comfortable as they are breathable. They offer great designs you can choose from for different occasions. Their shirts also are in various colors and are in different sizes. Wearing it makes you feel like not wanting to take it off. So why not invest in something worth the price like London bee cotton shirts? Definitely, it will give the satisfaction you’ve been waiting your entire life. 

Different Types of Men’s Boxer Shorts October 30, 2017 17:54


Boxers are loose-fitting types of underwear that have no support but are more breathable than the usual briefs and other traditional fitting undergarments. Most boxer shorts have an open fly, which enables an easy exit route. There are relaxed-fit cuts that you can associate with your grandpa’s type of boxer, and there are also slim-fit cuts perfect for casual, everyday use. You need to choose the right type of boxer shorts that suits your personal preferences.

The types of boxers are mainly distinguished according to the kind of fabric used. There are a lot of fabric types out there, but the following are some of the best types you should try. 

Cotton Boxer Shorts

It’s always worthwhile to choose boxer shorts made from 100% cotton. Cotton is best for moisture control and insulation. It also offers a great level of comfort, breathability, and durability. Cotton fabric is also hypoallergenic, which is great for those with sensitive skin. These and more make cotton boxer shorts a worthwhile choice.


COOLMAX is a type of fabric originally made for marathon enthusiasts. Endurance athletes who train hard and produce lots of sweat need this type. COOLMAX is basically a synthetic polyester fabric which easily absorbs the sweat and spreads the moisture out all over the fabric surface to activate faster evaporation and makes the athlete feel dry, cool, and comfortable. For those who live in humid areas, this could be a great boxer type to look for.

Bamboo Boxers

Bamboo fibers are ultimately supple and soft. Their texture is almost similar to silk. Their super absorbent properties also wick moisture away more efficiently than other kinds of synthetic fabric. Plus, they’re odor resistant because of the antifungal and antimicrobial properties of bamboo.

You would love to keep this kind of bamboo boxer whole year round. They keep you cool during summer and warm during winter. Bamboo boxers are also eco-friendly. As you may have known, bamboo is the fastest-growing woody plant there is, so reproducing it is less risky than when using other slow-growing sources. Bamboo boxers are a valuable option you should consider.

MicroModal Boxers

For those who are into super lightweight boxers that are both soft and sleek, MicroModal boxer shorts could be your best pick. Many high-end designers love this because of its efficient body-hugging properties. Thus, on top of comfort, it is also aesthetically classy and brings you a seamless look. It also endures washing well while still retaining its soft nature for long years. It’s basically built to last.

Supima Cotton Boxers

Supima is a type of fabric woven from an exclusively American-based and extra-long staple kind of cotton. Supima cotton makes up only 3% of the cotton production in the United States. It’s a luxurious kind of fabric known for its soft and durable nature. Supima also absorbs and holds dye way better than any other cotton fabric. Supima cotton boxers are great options for everyday use since they’re soft and breathable even after multiple washings. Though more expensive, its practical value makes it generally worthwhile.

Silk Boxers

Silk is not just a luxury undergarment that attracts romance, it also practically regulates your temperature—it disperses body heat in summer and insulates you in the winter. Silk boxers are comfy and can be worn under anything. Their rich, vibrant colors also make them an alluring choice.

One thing you need to take note of is that silk is way more delicate than any other boxer fabric. If you want to maintain its softness and shape, you need to wash it delicately by hand and air dry it. Machine wash may not be ideal for silk boxers. But this is the only con it has. Overall, it’s still a luxurious choice with great perks.

Your innerwear wardrobe must be composed of not just attractive but also practically comfortable kinds of boxers, like those offered by London Bee Clothing. When choosing the best type of boxer shorts, you need to know the kind of activity, event, or occasion you are to use it for. It should have the right blend of comfort and style that is exactly what you deserve. Your Choice of boxer must be determined by the outside temperature, humidity and most of all your own comfort

Nocturnal Animals October 17, 2016 16:56

When we talk about fashion, we mean more than just clothes and colours – fashion definitely has the ability to give our personality an added edge of expression. However, as we grow into better versions of ourselves, our style choices and sensibilities change too. Eventually we all give up the 2005 aesthetic pair of jeans and move on to a more contemporary wardrobe.

Well, we at London Bee India believe that fashion is an important tool in the process of discovering yourself. We also believe that you should have fun with fashion in more ways than one. In this post, we talk about an interesting theme that seems to be taking over the whole world. The DKNY Spring 2017 show recently shared the same theme as our post --- Animal Kingdom.

When you think of a person, their clothes too feature. In fact, studies and research show that the choices of colour, fabric, pattern and print of your outfit have a considerable amount of impact on the way you are perceived and evaluated by others in a social setting. If you could have fun with this, why wouldn’t you? Well, with inspiration from the wild, crazy and primal world of animals, you’re definitely going to get some hearts racing this weekend.

Mysterious – Sly and silent are words that best describe the look we’re going for. The next time you are invited to a ‘get-your-hair-down’ party, make sure to give yourself a makeover in the right department. Most of us don’t really walk the extra mile when it comes to dressing up – but by doing so, you are easily giving yourself another dimension of expression. You can buy pants for men online in India at unbelievable prices that are in colours like black, navy blue and bottle green. Paired with a very no-nonsense button down black shirt and sensible shoes, you’re definitely going to get noticed by the right people.

Spotted! – While camouflage and blending into your surroundings are of paramount importance in the animal world, you can still be true to the theme whilst sporting some print. You can buy printed cotton shirts for men online which will do the trick just fine. Our outfit idea is very classic with a touch of quirk – Pair a simple pair of linen lounge pants for men with a simply printed shirt for a very casual and relaxed outfit for the weekend.

Into the Wilderness – There are few things that are sexier than a guy who is effortlessly rocking the widely popular camouflage print. Not only does this evergreen fashion staple have the authoritative aura of being associated to the military, but it also remind us of hunters skulking around in the wild. While not every event may be suited for breaking out the camo, you can wear it a lot more often than you think. A simple pair of camo socks is the perfect way to add quirk to your brunch outfit without going overboard. You can buy Men’s 3/4th cargo shorts online which is in the same colour spectrum as camouflage and paired with a simple v-neck white shirt for men, you are all set to go!

All covered up! – We are huge fans of leather jackets and in an age where you can buy Jackets for men online in India so easily, we recommend that you incorporate this timeless classic into your outfits more often. Throw it on the next time you are going for a night out with the boys. If you’re not in a particularly cold climate, you can save the leather jacket for outdoor parties and if you’re bold enough – to an office party where you pair it with chinos and a subdued shirt.

Were pretty sure you’re already teeming to try out these tips and while that’s splendid, don’t forget to opt for what is comfortable over what is stylish. Happy hunting!

The monsoon survival guide for men August 12, 2016 17:03

Monsoon is no walk in the park and for those of you who have mastered the art of coping with the weather without wanting to just dissolve in a nearby puddle; we have nothing but the outmost respect. However, for most other men, monsoon is a hellish time owing to the fact that the weather goes crazy on most days and most of us have no clue what to wear to make it a bearable experience.  Some of us do know how to dress appropriately for the weather in terms of what fabrics to opt for, but we could certainly use a little styling help.

Well, this article has been written with a view of serving as your guide to all the trials and tribulations the monsoon poses. Be it the dilemma of what to wear when you have a meeting or what to do if you have to go to a party with only an hour’s notice, we’ve got your back –

Plan ahead – While most of us are good at making plans for weekends, careers, family and friends; we really have no idea how to think ahead in terms of the more ‘trivial’ things such as our wardrobe. Especially in the monsoon, it becomes necessary to plan ahead. We recommend that you keep an extra set of formal clothes in your office and in your car in case an ambitious car decides to drench you from head to toe on your way to an important meeting. Long Sleeve & Slim Fit cotton shirts for men and plain black trousers with a belt are your perfect option for almost any emergency.

Be sensible – Its always amazing to be able to showcase who you are by what you wear and how you wear it. However, making sensible fashion choices is the most important thing to do in any weather. If your attire is not weather and occasion appropriate, you may come across as someone who is trying too hard. In case of the monsoons, opt for fabrics that are blended with synthetic materials like lycra and polyester. Cotton that is probably the most widely used fabric in the world of men’s fashion in India is also an amazing choice for the weather since it gives you an edge when it’s humid and muggy outside.

Colour it up – Eventually the gloomy, dull and weary atmosphere of the monsoon will get to you and if you wear bland or boring clothes all the time, it’s just going to make your mood worse. It’s no secret that wearing bright colours can elevate your mood. That is why; we at LondonBee suggest you to incorporate colours and prints in your wardrobe as and when you can. Of course, a bold coloured party shirt for men has no place in a board meeting, but you can spruce things up a little by opting for Printed shirts for men that are not too loud instead of a simple one. If you would like to add a pop of colour to your outfit but simply cannot do so through shirts, t-shirts of through the vast world of men’s bottom-wear, we suggest that you think outside the box. Buy Cool Funky Sweatshirt & Hoodies Online in India and throw them over your outfit for a look that not only gives you a vibe of quirk but that also offers you an extra layer of protection from the elements.

Lift your spirits – While you can definitely do a lot of good by incorporating colours into your everyday wear, if your profession is one that does not allow even a hint of quirky elements or colours, we suggest that you let yourself go in the casual wear department. While quirky has become synonymous with offbeat, you can definitely give your look a makeover this summer by revamping the way you wear casual. Opt for Men's Casual Slim Fit Shirts Online that are quirky or have bold prints and patterns and you can pair it with a light weight solid coloured blazer for a very uplifting, bold yet exciting look to brighten up an otherwise dull day.

The monsoon season may be dull, cloying or even borderline depressing, but with a few easy changes to your wardrobe, you have the power to completely change your mood as well as make the people around you feel a bit more cheerful. Fashion may not seem like a huge deal, but when you dress better, you feel better – remember that the next time you are buying men’s boxers online in the drabbest of colours.

The New Rules of Men’s Business Casual Wear July 26, 2016 12:17

Gone are the days when business appropriate attire meant a stiff suit in basic colors with an uninspired tie and polished shoes. Today you’ll only run into this sort of wardrobe on shows like ‘Mad Men’ and ‘Suits’. While it may sound like a mildly hilarious oxymoron, ‘business casual’ is a boon to all mankind and is an opportunity to expand your style and venture into new territory. With everyone clamoring to make a mark in the workplace with their style sensibilities, we’re brought you a comprehensive guide on the rules of business casuals.

Shirts – While they are considered to be a staple in the business formal department, shirts also take the cake for easily transitioning to the business casual side of the wardrobe. While you’ve mostly shied away from printed or slightly quirky colored shirts, a more casual wardrobe at work definitely give you the freedom to dip into this category. However, if you are opting for a shirt that’s in a bold color, balance your look with a more conventional colored bottom and sensible shoes. You can buy printed shirts for men online and there are even men’s poplin shirts and interesting men’s cotton printed shirts that you can experiment with.

T-shirts – We personally are in love with the comfort factor of a well-fitting t-shirt and it helps that you can buy shirts for men online India so easily. The thing with business casual attire is that as long as you look well-put together and are smartly dressed without going overboard, anything you can carry off may pass – t-shirts included. Unless it is casual Friday at work, don’t pair your t-shirts with ripped jeans and sneakers. Play it smart by combining your t-shirt with chinos or trousers and maybe throw in a blazer if you’d like to turn it up a notch. Steer clear of message tees or ones that have lots graphic designs unless you’re looking to be mistaken for an intern on his first day.

Bottom Wear – While choosing bottom wear for a business casual wardrobe may seem like a challenge, we assure you that it’s not such a big deal. Trousers, Chinos, Khakis and even Dress pants get the green signal but we’d steer clear of ripped jeans, leather pants and any other such items of clothing that may come across as unprofessional. Remember that less is more when it comes to business casuals and that while pairing your bottom wear with top wear, always stick to outfits that are clean, sharp and uncomplicated. We personally recommend that you buy bottom wear for men online from stores like London Bee to ensure the finest quality and the most contemporary styles.

Jackets – Who doesn’t love a man wearing a well-fitted jacket? While well-fitting blazers get a big nod from us when paired with sensible pants and a sober shirt, you’d be well advised to stay away from hoodies. Leather jackets paired with black or nay blue pants and a single colored shirt or t-shirt work superbly. Even denim jackets that are not very ‘in-your-face’ and that are clean cut can be thrown over your work outfit on a Friday. As long as your jacket is not too flashy, gaudy or in any way inappropriate to wear in a business setting, you’re good to go.

Accessories – Accessories are hands down the best part about business casual dressing. While you do get a wide berth to experiment and try new things, word to the wise – stay clear of anything that may make you seem unprofessional or shoddy. This means a strict no to ‘bling’. However, when it comes to ties and pocket squares, you have complete freedom to experiment with colors, pattern and in case of ties, you can even try out different knots. Another often overlooked aspect of dressing is the socks you wear. Most men don’t think twice about socks but they definite are a good option to inject a little quirkiness into your look. Even scarves are a huge part of men’s fashion online and seeing how versatile they are, they can be incorporated into your work wardrobe seamlessly.

While the professional sphere demands you to tone down on loud, personal statements, we encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and let your personal tastes speak for itself. It’s time to stop thinking of professional fashion as a monotonous palette and move on to creating your own rules.

Join The Mile High Club In Style: The Comprehensive Guide To Men’s Airport Fashion July 18, 2016 14:43

Whether it is a tame domestic flight or a more challenging International one with many stops, airports are a crazy place to be in. With having to run around just to make it in time to board or having to be extra careful of your documents and luggage, it is often observed that men give preference to comfort over fashion (or just dressing nice) while travelling by air. However, it is possible to have the best of both world and look extremely stylish without having to sacrifice comfort. We’ve compiled a list of outfit choices that hit all the right spots and that’ll make you look like a million bucks even when you’ve spent a better part of yesterday in transit.

Jeans/Chinos – When you’re looking at wearing something that’s big on style but also on comfort, your best bet is to pick a pair of jeans or chinos. Jeans happen to be one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing and the fact that you can pair your favorite jeans with almost anything is just an added bonus. Chinos are more suitable for summer temperatures and again are very versatile. The next time you’re shopping for men’s wear online, be sure to pick a pair of chinos to pair with your favorite black t-shirt.

Jacket – Often it so happens that the weather of the place you started from is way less intense than that of your destination. Some other times you’ll feel chilly in the flight or maybe while you’re waiting to get onboard. In all of these scenarios you’ll feel like the luckiest man alive if you have the luxury of a jacket. Not only is a classy leather jacket amazing to pair with almost anything, it is also very practical and can transform the comfort level of your trip. Buy men’s jackets online and you’ll be spoilt for choice. You’ll find all kinds of different styles right from Men’s printed jackets, Men’s hoodies online or even men’s sweatshirts online.

Cargo Pants – Not only do they look stylishly casual, but they are also incredibly comfortable and practical. Cargo pants pair the comfort of jeans and the storage capacity of a small bag and that is why according to us they are the perfect pants for travelling. Wear them with a plain or striped t-shirt and heavy boots and you’re absolutely good to go. You can buy cargo pants for men online from websites like London Bee at amazing prices!

Shirts – When you’re looking for something that is not too casual but not strictly formal either, you could always go the ‘shirt way.’ Button down shirts are extremely versatile and can be paired with almost anything right from jeans to trousers. Pair your shirt with a pair of ripped jeans when you’re channeling your inner ‘bad boy’ with a touch of formality. When you’re looking at making heads turn without breaking a sweat, pair a plain white t-shirt with dark chinos and a printed shirt worn as a jacket. You can pick from Men’s Cotton Long Sleeve Shirts, Men’s Printed cotton shirts, Men’s Stripe Cotton Shirts and even Men’s Poplin printed shirts.

Polo Shirts – Another variation of the humble t-shirt could be a nice, ironed and sober colored polo shirt. Not only do polo shirts give out a very preppy and sporty vibe, but they also make you look well put together. You can pair your polo shirt with a pair of cargo pants, jeans, chinos and if you absolutely must wear shorts, then go for a flat fronted pair. Avoid wearing polo shirts that have too much going on or are in colors that tend to draw the eye.

Scarf – If you thought that scarves were reserved for women, you’re sadly mistaken. Not only are scarves very practical to sport during air travel, but they are also very amazing accessories. You can pair a scarf with your t-shirt and jeans combo and give the jacket a miss if you’re not heading somewhere cold. However, if your destination is bound to be chilly, throw in a jacket in the mix and what you’ve got is a very foolproof outfit that’s bound to make jaws drop wherever you go.

While travelling in itself can be a very tiring and challenging activity, the way you dress goes a long way in determining how enjoyable your journey is. While you should definitely be dressing comfortable, don’t miss a chance to pick and sport outfits that let your personality shine through. While we have provided you with a guide of sorts, feel free to mix it up a little and give yourself a little room to experiment.

Monsoon Fashion Guide For Men July 06, 2016 16:56

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; but learning to dance in the rain”

Truly, there is no feeling more surreal than being able to experience the magic of the first rains. The Great Indian Monsoon is upon us once again and in spite of the fact that we have 3 solid months of monsoon each year, most of us have not yet mastered the art of dressing appropriately for the season. When the world outside is murky, wet and dull; you want to be able to express yourself without compromising on the style quotient on your wardrobe. Well, if that is what you’re looking for, look no more! We’ve done all the dirty work and brought to you a comprehensive guide that’ll ensure you survive the monsoon months without any mishaps in the wardrobe department.

Jeans – Yeah, no. Even the daftest of the lot know that denims are bulky, heavy and a pain to dry in the monsoon. But what if we told you that you could actually rock jeans in the monsoon months? While not all kinds of denim are monsoon friendly, stretch denim and bull denim are two types of denim that dry easily and even when wet, do not cling to your skin and give your rashes. In the world of bottom wear for men online, you’ll definitely chance upon a pair that’s ideal for your monsoon escapades. Even if you decide to wear your usual pair of jeans, make sure you stick to pairs that are not of the skinny jeans variety or the straight fit family as they tend to stick to your frame.

Shirts – As is the rule with anything you wear for the monsoon, fabrics that dry easily and don’t stick to your body when wet are your best friends. Fabrics that don’t easily get stained with mud and that resist water to a certain degree include fabrics that are blended with synthetic materials like lycra and polyester. However, choosing simple natural fabrics like cotton is a great idea since they don’t let the perpetual humidity of the Indian monsoon get to you. You can choose from a wide variety of men’s printed cotton shirts, men’s solid dyed cotton shirts and men’s cotton poplin shirts online. When everything around you is muddy and drab, having a colorful wardrobe is the simplest way to raise your spirits without breaking a sweat. However, with that being said, remember to dress for the occasion and social setting you’re going to be in.

T-shirts – The most essential and versatile item of clothing in your wardrobe; the mighty t-shirt is a great option for casual wear in the monsoons. Just as you stuck to certain fabrics when it came to shirts, even t-shirts in materials like cotton and blended fabrics including synthetic materials like lycra and polyester are your best bet. Go for bright colors like blue, yellow, red and orange if you’re going to a casual affair that doesn’t need you to look subdued. However, for casual events where you don’t want to come across as flamboyant, we would advise you to pick men’s t-shirts online in colors like rose quarts and buttercup. Not only are these colors chic and sophisticated, but they are also among the year’s most fashionable colors.

Shorts – Unless you absolutely have to, give the full length pants a break this monsoon and make way for shorts and bemudas this monsoon. We personally are big fans of cargo pants too, but to some they might be a little too bulky for the weather. Shorts make sure that the amount of fabric that can possibly get wet in the rains is reduced and to top it all off, they are exceptionally comfortable. Shorts are the perfect option for all your informal engagements such as coffee dates, brunch or house parties. Paired with a decent t-shirt, shorts are the go-to metro sexual look in our book. You can buy the best of men’s shorts online from websites such as London Bee!

Windcheaters – With everything said and done, the most important piece of clothing in your wardrobe during the monsoon season is the loyal windcheater. Not only does it keep you dry and protected from unsolicited splashing, it also helps keep you warm. Windcheaters today are not just limited to the basic brown, black and navy blues. Don’t be surprised if you end up finding neon colored, printed or even see-through windcheaters in the markets and while shopping for men’s fashion online. However, while picking one for yourself, keep in mind that you will be wearing this windcheater almost every day (unless you own another one). Pick a style that complements your existing wardrobe and one that you’re comfortable wearing. If you’re a man who loves basic clothing, choosing a bright orange windcheater might not be the best course of action.

As we always say, make sure that you are not sacrificing your personal style to any external elements even if that includes a bout of not-so-ideal weather. While comfort is the first priority, always strive to let your personal style shine.

What Would Women Like To See You Wear? June 14, 2016 17:45

Being well-dressed gives you the confidence to go forth and let your personality dazzle those around you. Being well-dressed also gives the ladies a little more impetus to be around you or show you a little interest. Some men can be rather clueless or careless about their wardrobes and yes, women do notice when you’re slacking off. While nobody expects you to look like you’ve just stepped off a runway, the chances of you having your clothes ripped off are stronger if you are wearing the kind of clothes women prefer you to. Here’s the down low on what the ladies want.

Jeans that fit – We can legitimately never stress the whole ‘clothes-ought-to-fit-well’ mantra enough. With the absolute blessing that online shopping has proved to be, we hoped to see more and more men would start dressing in better fitting clothes. There is nothing that looks sexier or any more classic than a man wearing well-fitted jeans with a simple t-shirt and his natural charisma. Women are simple beings (contrary to popular belief) and want you to look presentable, put-together and not like you’re trying to hard or worse, not trying at all. Buy yourself a nice pair of jeans that fit you well and enhance the right parts of your lower half.

Boxers – Women are not all ‘tuxedos’ and ‘three-piece suits’. As much as most women enjoy a sophisticated and elegant evening, they do enjoy the more simple and casual aspects of life too. In a survey conducted by Men’s Health Online, 42% of women confessed to loving their men sporting fun, printed or even quirky boxers in bed. What are you waiting for? You’ll find a large collection of Boxers for men Online Shopping where you can pick from hundreds of styles. Men’s boxers online range from the demure solid colored ones to the more funky and naughty printed ones. Pick the kind that you like or rather the kind your lady would like to see you in. You can thank us later.

Shirt Up! – Women certainly love men with well-fitting jeans, but the ‘well-fitting’ fetish doesn’t end there. There is something irresistible about a man wearing a well-fitting shirt that highlights the best of his upper body. Finding Men’s Cotton Shirts Online at Best Prices in India is no difficult task. However, finding one that fits well is the challenge. Make sure you have your measurements handy and look at size guides when you are picking your size. Be it Men’s Cotton Long Sleeve Shirts, Men’s Plain Cotton Shirts, Men’s Poplin printed shirts or even Men’s Slim Fit Shirts, pick whatever style you like – as long as it fits well and sits well on you, you’re good to go. Make sure the shirt is well-ironed and doesn’t have any stains (elementary!) and if you’re thinking of turning more ladies on, don’t hesitate to roll the sleeves till your elbows.

Hoodies – Warm, snuggly, cozy and casual are all words that describe the mighty hoodie appropriately. A winter staple that has a bad reputation for being associated with sloth and general laziness, the hoodie is just misunderstood. Paired with a nice pair of jeans, sensible shoes and maybe sunglasses if it’s sunny, the hoodie is your answer to the ever pressing question of casual yet cool dressing. The fact that women love ‘boyfriend shirts’ is no secret, but did you know that quite a few women won’t say no to the snuggly warmth of your favorite hoodie? That’s more than enough reason to Buy Men Hoodies Online right now!

Something out of the ordinary – Most men tend to wear only about twenty to thirty percent of what’s in their wardrobes. For people who observe you on a daily basis, it takes no more than a few weeks to see a pattern creep in. Women, who are just more perceptive, will spot your wardrobe and dressing patterns in an even shorter period of time. Well, nobody is asking you to splurge and buy even more pieces of clothing than what you already have – honestly, isn’t your wardrobe practically overflowing? Well, think of venturing into the ‘unworn’ section of your wardrobe every once in a while to give it a little fun spin. Break out that whackily printed shirt and wear it for the next house party. Give those cargo shorts a go in the summer. Just let the other clothes breathe a little and let the ladies see you in a new light.

Now that you know what women really do like, go ahead and tweak your dressing style a little. Remember that when it comes to style and wearing clothes, you always should be ready to experiment and keep up with what’s trending without losing your individual flavor.

Hipster Fashion Trends That Can Be Included In Your Wardrobe May 14, 2016 12:41

The ‘Hipster’ sub-culture has taken on a whole new avatar and now has its own discernable fashion. Whether you agree with the fundamentals of the sub-culture or not, you cannot deny that the average hipster wardrobe is very stylish. Well, it does have many elements that are stylish and when worn correctly – very chic. Today we look at a few Hipster fashion trends that you can include as part of your wardrobe and give it a totally dramatic make-over.

Flannel – Flannel has now become synonymous with hipsters and when worn correctly, lends the wearer and incredibly stylish air. Flannel is a kind of soft woven fabric, typically made of wool or cotton and slightly milled and raised and not the red and black checked pattern. While many of us have this misconception that an oversized man's flannel shirt, which is a tad bit too big in the shoulders and long in the arms is how you wear flannel. However, the key to looking your best is to choose a more fitted cut, unbuttoned at the top to keep things casual and sleeves rolled up to mid-forearm or elbow.

Baggy & Beautiful – While we won’t ever turn our faces away from a well-fitting item of clothing, we certainly don’t hate the trend of baggy clothes. When it comes to baggy, the hipster closet definitely has a pair or two of ripped jeans. The rule of thumb is to ensure that the pair is not causing you to look too baggy. You can do this by pairing the pants with a well fitting shirt or t-shirt. Apart from ripped jeans, you could also go for a mildly oversized jacket or you could even Buy Men’s Hoodies Online that are just the right amount of baggy. As long as you aren’t donning too many baggy items of clothing at the same time, you should be good to go.

Collars - Shirts with buttoned-up collars are one of the most iconic of Hipster trends and for good reason. Men’s plain cotton shirts with collars that fit you just right make even the drabbest of personalities lively. The trend of the contrasting collar has now become more mainstream and it is acceptable to have a light-on-dark or dark-on-light collared shirt. You’ll easily find Men’s printed cotton shirts with fun collars to add to your wardrobe in stores or even online. For a very subtle yet stylish spin on the classic collared shirt, opt for Men’s cotton poplin shirts. The poplin weave gives the shirt a very mildly unique look that sets you apart without being too obvious.

Printed trousers – The hipster sub-culture certainly opened us up to the love for all things printed and left us with a need to add a little more pattern to our lives. Be it a pair of smart chinos, boxers or just trousers – giving yourself the liberty to add prints to them is a simple way of revamping your personal style. You can even Buy Track Pants Online at Best Prices in India, as long as they have a little bit of a ‘print-party’ going on, you have just given your wardrobe a little hipster spin. Another brilliant option is to opt for printed Linen Lounge pants for Men.

T-shirts – While T-shirts are certainly not just for hipsters to lay claim to, T-shirts with a little ‘fun’ element on it such as a bold pattern or a not-so-cautious neck-line are certainly a hipster hallmark. Be it a spunky captioned shirt or an pop culture reference that has an ‘ironic’ vibe to it, sporting a t-shirt that speaks of your personality a little can do you no wrong.

While you’re thinking of adopting fashion that is synonymous with a particular group or sub-culture, always remember to keep it authentic and relevant to your personal style. Be it a pair of Printed cotton pyjamas or even a scarf, only wear what you’re comfortable in and what you personally feel speaks of your individuality.

Quick Fashion Tips For Men April 15, 2016 14:00

If you’ve ever read a Men’s Fashion magazine in recent times, you probably feel that being a stylish man takes a lot of time, money and effort. However, that is not true at all. The truth is there are dozens of quicker and easier ways to look better, more with it, more stylish – all with a minimum of effort. We’ve compiled a list of some of the very best and effective style tips out there to effortlessly notch up your fashion quotient.

Some of the Quick Tips and Tricks for Men's Fashion are:

Shine it up – It goes without saying that looking sharp when formally dressed it supremely important. And you’ve learned how to make your suit choices so that you look your best; however one often overlooked aspect of formal dressing is shoes. Shoes may not be the first thing people notice about you, but they surely get around to it. A good shining goes a long way so don’t skimp on it.

Match your accessories – While this seems like such a simple thing to do, more often than not it gets ignored. We cannot overstate how important it is to have matching accessories. No matter how much you’ve spent on the men’s printed cotton shirts, they won’t look as amazing as they would if your shoes and belt matched.

Simplify – Always remember that 9 out of 10 times, it’s better to simplify your outfit. This means that if you’re wearing a pair of printed cotton Lounge pants for men, pair it with a simple shirt and basic shoes. Simplify your belts and shoes too – while having a few statement pieces does no harm, classically simple will always win.


Sock Story – Most men don’t really think twice about socks and you’re probably guilty of wearing a pair that was torn atleast once. C’mon guys! Let’s buck up!

Stop buying socks that are low quality or horribly quirky. While having a few pairs that are a bit over-the-top is fine, invest in a few solid, high-quality pieces. The rule of thumb when it comes to selection of socks is that their color should never match the shoe you’re wearing it with. Choose a single element of your getup – the tie, the shirt, the blazer or even the pocket square – and match that. 

Tone down your tie – Any event that requires a tie – be it your job, a wedding or a date – may lead you to believe that the tie needs to have the perfect face. Well, surprisingly, that’s not true. Tone down the crispness of the tie just a bit to lend some of that lived-in feel to it by adding a dimple. Not only does it give you a slightly more easy-going look, but it also brings your outfit some personality. While we’re talking about ties, make sure you’re not including too many ridiculous, over-the-top, off-puttingly quirky ties in your wardrobe. As always, stick to the classics.

Keep Fit – The simplest yet most effective way of taking your outfit up a notch is to make sure that our wardrobe fits you well. No, we don’t mean the kind of tight that will look like second skin, but make sure that all your clothes fit. For example, your Men’s Cotton Long Sleeve Shirts should be tight enough that your body shape is discernable but not so tight that someone could trace your muscle structure.

Change your Casual – Casual does not mean boring – get that definition changed in your mind’s dictionary. While you can incorporate Mens Solid dyed cotton Shirts to your casual wardrobe, have fun experimenting with everything from Men’s Stripe Cotton Shirts to collared shirts.

Take it up a notch – Follow the basic rules and guidelines that will help your wardrobe, but don’t become a quiet follower. Take risks in moderation and that too calculated risks. Be it when it comes to jewellery, prints or accessories – don’t overdo it to a fault, but dare to mix it up a little.

When it comes to your personal fashion, the only way you’ll really learn, is if you put yourself out there and try new things that you’ve never done before. Make an effort to try something completely out of your comfort zone and many times you’ll end up loving something you never thought you would. While you should always keep these tips in mind, don’t get stuck in a rut. So many guys are afraid to express themselves through their style. Make sure you don’t end up like that!

Break out! Ways to spice up your wardrobe March 26, 2016 12:33

Men’s fashion has not always made provisions to include lots of opportunities to customize, accessorize or personalize. We have come to believe that there is not a lot of choice to men’s clothing and that is an incredibly sad phenomenon. Men’s fashion is an unexplored frontier and gone are the days when you had no scope for any experimentation with your dressing. Today, you are respected, recognized and appreciated for breaking stereotypes and making things your own – fashion included.

If you’re looking at breaking out of the dressing rut you’re stuck in – we’ve compiled a list of all the things you can do to add some life and a lot of spark to your dressing

Suspenders – You heard us right! Suspenders are no longer confined to old British television. Add a pair of suspenders to your dress shirt & trousers combination and you’ll go from dull and boring to quirky and fashionable. Some people worry that suspenders feel too costume-y, but they’re just an accessory like any other. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, go a step further and opt for a patterned or textured pair instead of a solid color.

Chain Collar/Collar Tips – Chain Collars are the tie bars of the casual cool. While most men shy away from adding a little bling to their outfit, it is possible to incorporate just the right amount of sheen to your outfit with a collar tip. It keeps things in place while still adding a little flair. Chain collars really go well with anything right from men’s printed cotton shirts to the more conservative kind of shirts.

Shoelaces – What’s that now!? Colorful shoelaces ya’ll! If you don’t really want to splurge on new clothes or accessories and yet you want just the teeniest amount of freshness to your wardrobe, this is your answer. Shoelaces in offbeat colors like purple, green and orange are great to add a little personality without being too obvious or burning a hole in your wallet. You can thank us later. Buy yourself a nice pair of men’s cargo shorts online and pair it with a pair of shoes complimented with colored laces – it’s bound to get you the right kind of attention!

Pocket Squares – These are probably one the most overlooked men’s accessories in the history of time. Adding a pocket square to your outfit is a great way to spice up your style to the degree of your choice & comfort. It can be a nonchalant addition or it can make a statement: totally up to you. The only rule of thumb: it should complement your tie and shirt, not match them.

Socks – Let 2016 be the year you let go of boring socks. Though it might be tempting to buy your socks in colors like industrial grey and listless black and in bulk, wearing bright socks is one of the simplest ways to kick it into high gear. Unless you’re going into a very formal setting, your socks don’t need to match.

Colored Pants – No, not the neon green kind. While there is nothing wrong with a classic pair of black, grey, brown or blue pants, they tend to make you blend. However, if you’re looking to throw in a bit of drama, why not try a nice pair of colored pants. A simple deviation from your standard blue and black is a quick fix to wake up any ensemble. Pastels are best suited for summer, but maybe beginners would be more comfortable starting with a forest or maroon green pair. If you’re looking to put out, go with a nice print cargo pants for men.

Layers – Probably the simplest way to make a difference to your look is to add layers. Be it a lovely scarf, a fitted cardigan or a simple statement jacket – it all works! Layers are extremely practical especially in colder months, but they also give you the opportunity to customize your look throughout the day. When it comes to scarves, feel free to experiment with different ways of wearing one. You’d be shocked to learn that there are more than just four ways to tie a scarf and that each method looks dramatically different.

All in all, remember to allow yourself to be quirky and open to experimentation with your clothes. As long as you’re following the cardinal rules of fashion, you will not only find ways to channel your inner personal style, but also be a trendsetter. Go out and go crazy!

Explore more about Mens Apparels here

Nail the game of effortless casual dressing in your 30s and 40s March 17, 2016 13:50

Put down the wrinkled button down and step away from your sweatpants. We need to talk about the new rules of casual cool.

You've spent your 20s experimenting with your style - now's the time to lock it down. By the time you hit your 30s you know what you like when it comes to clothes. However what's key with dressing casual in your 30s is coming up with a list of go-to items that fit both your personal aesthetic and your body type. We’ve compiled a list of items you absolutely should have in your wardrobe and how to wear them-


T-shirts are assumed to be the epitome of effortless casual dressing – and they are! But sporting a t-shirt comes with terms & conditions. The man who imparts opinions via T-shirt has neither the intelligence to form an original opinion nor the good sense to keep it to himself (Yes, women think so too!) If you absolutely must wear a T-shirt stick to ones that are solid colored or have minimal designs. While printed t-shirts are not entirely a disastrous idea, you could over-do it without realizing.


Nothing says casual better than a pair of jeans. When purchasing jeans, leave the acid, stone, and other artificial washes to the ones who love being ironically unfashionable. Stick to the good old classic blues and blacks. The best way to break in a pair of jeans is to wear them as often as you can.

Cargo Pants

While they are not as popular as their denim counterparts, cargo pants are a must-have when it comes to casual clothing. You’ll find innumerable mens cargo pants online and the variety is insane! With cargo pants, you have the option to sport a pair of army printed cargo pants paired with a nice basic white shirt. This is not only uber cool but also incredible masculine.

Shirts –

Well-fitted, button down shirts folded till the elbows have the power to make ladies swoon. Shirts are not only comfortable, but they also look like the right mix of casual and put-together. There are a million and one options when it comes to men’s shirts online and most of them are pretty great. You could pair a pastel colored shirt with a dark pair of jeans and be set for the evening. Alternatively, you can go for dark colored, printed and even mildly quirky designs paired with sensible jeans or pants.

The only thing you should be keeping in mind while buying a shirt for casual wear, is that it should fit you well. Remember - Fitted is good. Snug is dicey. Tight is just wrong. You’ll find an array of Men’s slim fit shirts online and if you’re so motivated, you could get shirts custom-made as well.

 Hoodies –

Is 30 too old to be wearing a hoodie? We say no! While the hoodie has been the young man’s turf since forever, don’t hesitate to add a snuggly hoodie to your closet. The only rule you should adhere to is that your hoodie should be in solid colored and should fit you well. Baggy hoodies are just wrong on so many levels!)

Shorts –

Big, baggy shorts are out. Hems are rising now with many new styles hitting 3 to 5 inches above the knee. If you're not ready to show more leg, start with a pair that lands just above the knee and go from there. You could also try rolling or cuffing up once in a while. This allows you to customize shorts to the occasion and your comfort zone. However, make sure you’re doing this neatly. Stay away from denim shorts – leave them to the ladies.

Shoes –

Sneakers are definitely not acceptable after your 20s. If you’re trying to dress casual, get yourself a cool pair of loafers in a color like black, dark blue or brown. Make sure your shoes match the rest of your outfit. Always remember - The shinier the shine or the pointier the point, the less casual the shoe.

Always remember its not about finding the products that are the current rage but selecting products that suit your body type that will help you sail through looking sharp through the years.

Methods of Fabric Coating April 22, 2015 10:37

Coating is a widely used method by many men and women clothing and manufacturers around the globe to change and enhance the physical appearance or characteristics of a fabric. It is conducted by covering fabric such as nylon, cotton, wool, polyester etc. with a product like PU, PVC or silicon. By undergoing coating process, fabrics show durability, resistance to normal wear and tear and many other features, which are not associated with its original form.

Following are the methods accepted commonly for coating by clothing manufacturers India and around the world.


  • Direct Coating:

In this method, a fabric or textile or a particular type is directly coated with any of the coating agent such as PU, Poly Vinyl Chloride or Silicon. The agent is applied in four layers on to the fabric that is undergoing the coating process. It is the simplest form of coating and can be done on any kind of fabric depending upon its reaction to the coating agent used in the process.

Fabrics that can be stretched can be coated with direct coating method and this method can help produce really weightless materials.

  • Transfer Coating: 

In this method, the polymer is spread on to a release paper in the first place and then the release paper is laminated onto the fabric and then removed. Waterproof fabrics can be produced easily with this type of coating. There are three main stages in this type of coating.

  1. The resin is coated on the transfer paper and the solvent is then evaporated.
  2. The fabric is then placed on the transfer paper and further remains of the solvent are then completely evaporated.
  3. The coated fabric is then peeled off the transfer paper to get the coated fabric separate.
  • Foamed and Crushed Foam Coating: 
This type of coating is generally used to apply polymer onto fabrics that are knitted or woven on any other fabric, which cannot be processed with a direct coating method. In this method, treated foam is applied on the fabric to get the desired result. Here, the bonding of the polymer with the fabric is controlled thus producing material that is soft and better draped.
  • Calender Coating: 
Calenders comprise of numerous large rollers that rotate to squeeze compounded polymer called 'dough' to make it of equal thickness. The thickness off the film is decided by the empty space between the rollers. Some rollers also produce heat and the material is attached to an uninterrupted sheet which can be made in contact with fabric to get coated.
  • Rotary Screen Coating: 
Mainly used for textile printing, in this type of printing the fabric is forced through a cylindrical screen to get the fabric coated with the desired coating agent. This method is also useful when polymer needs to be coated onto a fabric with specific requirements. This method can be used in foam processing of textiles instead of padding.
Any of these methods can be followed according to the type of the fabric requirement or the financial feasibility of the manufacturer around the world.
Any of these methods can be followed according to the type of the fabric requirement or the financial feasibility of the manufacturer around the world.